Ashlyn & Adam 

raindrops bestowed a magical allure throughout the day

Amidst the timeless charm of St. John's Chapel, Ashlyn & Adam's wedding day unfolded like a poetic dance of nature and love. As raindrops delicately graced the celebration, their vows became an ethereal exchange, blending seamlessly with the rhythmic pitter-patter. The air buzzed with infectious joy, laughter echoing through the chapel as the couple embraced the unexpected magic of the rain. The reception, a crescendo of love and celebration, unfolded in a beautifully adorned space where guests reveled in the enchantment of the moment. Each dance and heartfelt toast became a testament to the couple's enduring love, and as the rain continued its gentle serenade, the day transcended into a symphony of bliss, proving that sometimes, nature's touch can elevate the most special moments to extraordinary heights.


Planning + Design | Terri Court

Photo and Video | Jayce Keil

Hair | Taylor Barr 

Florist | Anna Rogers of Magnolia Belle Floral 

Wedding Venue | St. John’s Chapel by the Creek

DJ | Central Arkansas Entertainment | DJ JellyBean 

Catering | Pasta J Italian 

Bridal Store | Gracyn Elizabeth Bride 

Wedding Dress Designer | Morilee

Brides Maids Dress | Bella’s Bridesmaids 

Brides Maids Dress Designer | Jenny Yoo 

Mens Wear| GEB Menswear

Invitations| Hobart Print Studio 

Bride and Groom | Asylyn and Adam Winters 

Ice Cream | Loblolly Creamery 

Wedding Cake | Harp’s Bakery

Makeup | Alex Miller 


+ Full Wedding Video 

+ Wedding Video 

+ Social Media Clip 

+ Celebrating in the Rain

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