Claire & Nick

Tuscan Treasures: A Three-Day Love Affair Beneath the Italian Sky

Amidst the scenic landscapes of Tuscany, Claire and Nick's three-day celebration was an intimate gathering of their closest friends and families who traveled from across the globe to witness their love story unfold. Originating in the deserts of Jordan and blossoming in the heart of Rome, the couple chose the enchanting backdrop of Tuscany for their nuptials. Each day, beneath the Tuscan sun, became a harmonious blend of international romance, creating a timeless symphony of joy. Surrounded by olive groves and under the Italian sky, their wedding was a poetic ode to their unique journey, a celebration that echoed the enduring power of love in the embrace of Tuscany's beauty.


Photo and Film | Jayce Keil | @jaycekeilphotoandfilm 

Bride and Groom | Clair and Nick | @claire_oh_really @nickvweeks

Venue | Borgo Laticastelli| @laticastellicountryrelais

Immortalized Memories 

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