Jennifer and John

love story unfolded at the picturesque Houston's Venue

In the heart of North East Arkansas, Jennifer & John's love story blossomed beneath the golden hues of a sun-kissed day at the enchanting Houston's Venue. The picturesque surroundings served as the canvas for a celebration that transcended time, where every moment became a harmonious blend of elegance and warmth. Their journey unfolded in a symphony of love, echoing through the venue's inviting spaces. The radiant sunlight became a poetic accomplice, casting a glow on the couple's joyous union. At Houston's Venue, where charm met nature, Jennifer & John's wedding day became a captivating chapter in their love story, a testament to the magic found in a setting that mirrored the beauty of their shared journey.


Venue | Houston's Venue

Photo and Video | Jayce Keil 

Makeup | Erica Whitlock

Florist | The Bloom House Country Manor

Hair  |Shelby Corn

DJ | DJ Nightmare

Cake | Abby Cakes


+ Full Wedding Video 

+ Social Media Clip 

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