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"We chose Jayce Keil for their exquisite fine art photography & videography skills, but their contribution went far beyond our initial expectations. Collaborating with Jayce Keil not only provided us with stunning imagery but also unlocked a treasure trove of knowledge accumulated over years in the wedding industry. Their personalized guidance throughout the planning process and insider insights were invaluable additions. Welcoming Jayce and Brian into our wedding journey turned out to be an exceptional decision, enriching our experience in countless ways."

- Tyler 2023 Bride 

Navigating your special day's planning journey naturally sparks questions amidst its unique significance and emotion.

We strive to be more than just a service; we aspire to become an integral part of your wedding journey, a trusted ally in your planning endeavors. Leveraging our extensive experience, we've gathered invaluable insights to help you make well-informed decisions for your memorable day.

Before we proceed, let's delve into "The enchantment."

Yet, the enchantment doesn't materialize on its own. It's the culmination of diligent groundwork, careful strategizing, precisely crafted timelines, exploring scenic venues, and refining impeccable styling. However, to authentically manifest this enchantment, we require an extra ingredient from you — the willingness to express your heartfelt love, the dedication to embrace each moment fully, and the trust to empower our creativity to its zenith.

Like petals unfurling in the morning dew, each moment of preparation unveils the beauty of a love destined to bloom.

Frequently asked questions

Are wedding investments customised to fit our needs?

Absolutely. Each wedding investment is tailored to match your unique needs and desires. Following our initial meeting, we craft a personalised proposal with three collection options, ensuring your wishlist is thoughtfully considered. This bespoke approach guarantees that your chosen collection perfectly aligns with your vision for the day.

How do I confirm our Wedding Date?

After you share your event date during the initial inquiry, we'll provide a schedule of available virtual meeting times. You can then book a meeting at your convenience. In this session, we'll delve into your vision, creating a customised proposal package based on your wishlist. Once you select your preferred collection, we'll send a service contract for your signature and a 50% retainer payment, officially securing your wedding date. The remaining balance is due one month before your special day.

Do you offer wedding Videography? 

Yes, our videography services provide a distinctive cinematic experience. We blend a film-worthy artistic vision with the intimacy of a traditional wedding video, creating a timeless capsule to revisit with family and friends.

What is your creative process on the wedding day? 

Our creative process revolves around conceiving fine art creations that beautifully capture every moment of your day. We pay attention to the carefully thought-out details, the interplay of natural lighting in your chosen venues, and the unique bond you share. Balancing art direction, styled shots, and photojournalistic opportunities, we ensure to capture not only the people and design but also the unspoken love and emotions shared among you, your fiancé, and your loved ones.

Who selects the images that are chosen for my wedding ambum? 

Upon adding an album to your collection, anticipate the delivery of the initial draft approximately eight weeks after we receive your images. Our process involves tailor-made design and layout for your album drafts, ensuring a captivating narration of your wedding's beautiful story. Upon receiving the first draft, you'll have the chance to request revisions, such as image swaps, spread omissions, or additional spreads. Once you give approval to the draft layout, we conduct a final edit of the images and send you a conclusive PDF for your approval before moving forward with production. Explore our range of albums and handcrafted products for more details.

Is travel/ accommodation included in your pricing?  

For domestic weddings travel expenses are included in our packages. For destination weddings, travel costs will be added to your selected collection. We take care of organizing travel and accommodation arrangements unless you specify otherwise.

How many images will we recerve? 

On average, we deliver a minimum of 75 images per hour of coverage.

What is your turn around time for delivering images? 

Our commitment is to craft exquisite art with a combined creative vision. The editing process, carefully curating each image and treating your wedding video as a cinematic masterpiece, takes approximately 10 weeks for weddings and 4 weeks for engagement and pre-wedding sessions. 

Who should be included in family photos? 

Family photos should encompass those closest to you—parents, siblings, grandparents, and anyone else significant in your life. A pre-celebration questionnaire helps us gather details to plan the photography accordingly. We coordinate with your planner to ensure a smooth process.

Should I make a 'shot list' of my desired images?

While we take a comprehensive approach to capture every precious moment, we encourage you to highlight any special moments, important people, or unique details you want us to focus on. Bringing these to our attention ensures we plan effectively to capture them beautifully.

Can I customize a collection? 

Absolutely. We can happily tailor any collection to best suit your celebration. Please email us your wish list. We will follow up with a bespoke collection for your review.

Do you work with a second shooter 

Indeed, we are a professional team offering the unique advantage of having two first shooters document your wedding day. This means you benefit from our combined knowledge, cohesive creative visions, editorial drives, and shared goal—to make your day seamless and special. 

While rain on your wedding day is considered lucky, I understand it's not the ideal scenario we envision. However, having faced and overcome various weather challenges in the past, I take pride in our ability to create memorable moments even during rainy celebrations. Collaborating closely with your wedding planner, we develop robust contingency plans, including a solid Plan B and, if necessary, a Plan C. In such situations, my experience, expertise, and resourcefulness come into play, proving invaluable. If inclement weather poses a threat to the point of considering rescheduling, rest assured that each wedding is unique, and I tailor my approach accordingly. I want you to feel supported and reassured throughout the process; consider me not just a photographer but your dedicated partner and friend in making your special day remarkable

What if it rains? What if we have to reschedule/relocate due to weather or natural disaster?


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can you tell me why you shoot film?

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Hire a photographer and videographer from the same company

Selecting a photographer and cinematographer who collaborate seamlessly brings forth enhanced communication, streamlined workflow, and harmonious composition. Our shared understanding allows us to move effortlessly together, eliminating the need to navigate around each other. Moreover, our joint passion for editorial work, marked by an artistically classic and journalistic style, ensures a cohesive and captivating visual narrative when you choose Jayce Keil's skilled team. When you entrust us, there's a shared creative direction that simplifies the entire process.


Enlist the expertise of an experienced wedding planner.

Wedding planners are the architects of your vision, transforming it into a reality beyond your imagination. They alleviate the stress of organizing and ensure a seamless execution of every detail. With a meticulous grasp of constructing the perfect timeline and close collaboration with vendors, planners play a crucial role in orchestrating the elegance of your day. We work closely with your chosen planner, relying on their expertise to manage logistics while we focus on capturing timeless photography and cinematography.


Recognize the significance of Engagement Sessions.

Underscore the value of an engagement session, a pivotal element in crafting the love story that unfolds on your wedding day. Whether you opt for our combined photography and cinematography services or choose one, the moments captured during an engagement shoot enrich the narrative we create. These sessions allow us to personally connect with you, observe your natural interactions, and document a romance-filled adventure that transcends a mere photography session. The extra time spent during engagement sessions helps you both feel at ease in front of the camera, resulting in a more relaxed and authentic experience on the big day.



Develop a realistic timeline for your wedding day.

Crafting a timeline that accommodates potential delays alleviates stress. We recommend collaborating with a seasoned planner, as they possess the expertise to factor in the nuances of your wedding day, ensuring a well-structured timeline. Our experience in numerous weddings equips us to identify where pockets of extra time can enhance your overall experience.

Sample Timeline

Choose your getting-ready location thoughtfully.

The moments spent preparing for your wedding day contribute to the narrative. These images capture the genesis of your story. In selecting a bridal suite, Airbnb, hotel room, or any location for preparations, consider a space with a design similar to your ceremony and reception sites, creating a seamless visual flow. Opt for an open space with ample natural light to elevate the quality of photos further.


Embrace the importance of every little detail.

The nuances and decorations unique to your wedding day serve as the finishing touches, akin to a Tiffany ribbon. From your gown, shoes, wedding rings, and family heirlooms to the intricacies of the invitation layout, including special stamps and calligraphy, each detail contributes to the narrative. If you have additional ornaments like silks, linen, jewelry, or ribbons, coordinate with your planner/stylist to have them conveniently accessible. We specialize in crafting beautiful lay flats that enhance your wedding portfolio.


if you’re using a unique linen for your wedding reception tables, please consider adding an additional small one to the rental order for photographing your wedding invitation and/or details. This helps tie together your images through color and texture, making them more cohesive and powerful.

Consider the emotional impact of a first look.

As you prepare for your vows, a first look captures the moment when your significant other sees you for the first time on the day your futures intertwine. It provides an opportunity for intimate couples portraits filled with emotion before the formal vows. These images evoke the jittery, romantic pre-wedding feeling for years to come.



Acknowledge the significance of a cell phone-free ceremony.

Encourage an unplugged ceremony to ensure an undisturbed focus on your vows. Guest photos and videos can detract from the overall atmosphere and emotions captured in your ceremony highlights. Trust us to provide a flawless portfolio of these key moments, ensuring both you and your guests fully enjoy the ceremony. Consider having your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony, requesting everyone to put away their devices and be present during your nuptials.

Tip: Consider asking your officiant to make an announcement just before the start of the processional to request that guests put away their cameras and devices and be present during the ceremony.

Schedule portraits during the enchanting sunset.

Take advantage of the golden, soft light during sunset for your couples' portraits. The romantic tones cast by the setting sun add a warm glow to your skin, enhance the richness of your hair color, and create a vibrant backdrop for your love story. Consider the sunset time at your venue when planning your optimal timeline, encompassing your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and family photos.


Prioritize your artistic vision.

You possess a discerning eye for art, and you've chosen us to capture your day in a timeless, imaginative manner. Trust us with the responsibility while you sit back, relax, and relish each other's company. Our effort to understand your unique story, personalities, and family background ensures we tell your tale through both photography and film.



Embrace the significance of your day.

Celebrate your wedding day to the fullest as it unfolds only once in a lifetime. Treat yourself to the extras you desire, knowing these moments will be cherished forever. Strive for images that adorn your walls, a film to revisit the live moments, reactions, and emotions, and an album to flip through with family and friends, and future generations. Today marks the union of two lives—don't hesitate to immortalize it with everything we offer.

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