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A Rainy Day Romance: Ashlyn & Adam’s Spectacular Wedding at St. John’s Chapel by The Creek

October 29, 2023

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Capturing Love Beyond a Storm

When it comes to weddings, the unexpected often adds an unparalleled touch of magic to the day. Ashlyn and Adam’s wedding at St. John’s Chapel by The Creek was no exception. Though the rain poured relentlessly, their love shone brighter, resulting in a celebration that was as remarkable as it was memorable.

As a wedding photographer, I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful stories that unfold in stunning settings. Ashlyn and Adam’s nuptials were set against the picturesque backdrop of St. John’s Chapel by The Creek. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the chapel exuded a timeless charm that was the perfect canvas for capturing love in all its glory.

Raindrops and Romance

It’s not every day that a wedding photographer gets the opportunity to work with a couple as incredible as Ashlyn and Adam. The morning of their wedding brought rain, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the couple or their guests. If anything, it added an unexpected element of enchantment to the day.

Ashlyn, radiant in her elegant wedding gown, and Adam, dashing in his tailored suit, embraced the rain with open hearts. They didn’t let a few raindrops spoil the mood; instead, they turned it into an unforgettable part of their love story.

Embracing the Elements

The downpour turned the wedding day into something extraordinary. As their wedding photographer, I was thrilled by the possibilities that the rain presented. The bridal party donned clear umbrellas and laughed as they walked down the aisle, rain-soaked but absolutely in the moment.

Every raindrop that adorned the lush florals and clung to Ashlyn’s gown told a story of love that weathered all storms. Their ceremony was a testament to love’s endurance, and it was a privilege to document such a heartfelt moment.

The Art of Rainy Day Portraits

The rain created an ethereal atmosphere that elevated the portraits to an entirely new level. The glistening droplets on Ashlyn and Adam’s skin, the reflection of their love in puddles, and the overcast sky painted a captivating backdrop for romantic imagery.

As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque setting. The couple’s commitment to each other shone through the adversity of the rain, creating images that were at once intimate, raw, and incredibly beautiful.

The reception was nothing short of spectacular. It was held in a breathtaking space adorned with chandeliers and lush floral arrangements. The rain continued to bless the evening with its presence, but Ashlyn and Adam’s love and the celebration within easily overshadowed the weather.

Guests, adorned with rain-kissed smiles, toasted to the newlyweds and danced the night away. Laughter filled the air, and the raindrops that tapped on the roof added a melodious touch to the festivities.

A Magical Evening Under the Rain

As the evening progressed, the rain began to subside. It was as though the universe knew when to step aside and let love take the stage. The couple’s first dance was an enchanting moment, made even more romantic by the raindrops that glistened in the moonlight.

The evening turned into a magnificent celebration of love and life, with friends and family joining Ashlyn and Adam in creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Dancing and Celebrating in Style

The dance floor was electric, with everyone letting loose and dancing their hearts out. The rain outside couldn’t have been further from anyone’s mind as they reveled in the joy of Ashlyn and Adam’s union.

A Night to Remember

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been privileged to document countless beautiful moments, but Ashlyn and Adam’s wedding was truly exceptional. Their love story, combined with the elements of nature, resulted in a day that was not just unique but also incredibly romantic.

The Power of Love and Weddings

Wedding photography is about more than just capturing images; it’s about weaving the couple’s love story into the tapestry of time. Ashlyn and Adam’s wedding showcased the power of love and how it can transcend even the most unpredictable circumstances.

Ashlyn and Adam’s wedding at St. John’s Chapel by The Creek was a testament to the fact that love can conquer any obstacle, even a day-long downpour. It’s a story of love, resilience, and the beauty of unexpected moments. As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring and captivating wedding to document.

In the world of wedding photography, it’s these unique stories that remind us of the power of love and the magic that surrounds it. Ashlyn and Adam’s wedding was a day to remember, a day when love outshone the rain, and I was fortunate to be there to capture it all.


Photo and Video | Jayce Keil | @jaycekeilphotoandfilm

Planning + Design  | Terri Court | @terricourt 

Florist | Anna Rogers of Magnolia Belle Floral | @magnoliabellefloral

Wedding Venue | St. John’s Chapel by the Creek | @stjohnscapelbythecreek

Planning + Design  | Terri Court | @terricourt 

Hair | Taylor Barr | @hairbytaylorbarr

Makeup |  Alex Miller | @alexbaileymiller

Central Arkansas Entertainment | DJ JellyBean | @djjbean 

Wedding Cake | Harp’s Bakery

Catering | Pasta J Italian | @pastajitalian2017

Bridal Store | Gracyn Elizabeth Bride | @gracynelizabethbride

Wedding Dress Designer | Morilee | @morileeofficial

Brides Maids Dress | Bella’s Bridesmaids | @bellabridesmaids 

Brides Maids Dress Designer | Jenny Yoo | @jennyyoonyc 

Mens Wear| GEB Menswear | @gebmenswear

Invitations| Hobart Print Studio | @hobartprinting

Ice Cream | Loblolly Creamery | @loblollycreamery

Bride and Groom | Asylyn and Adam Winters | @ashlynlferguson @winterfreshh

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